Women’s History Month: All-Star Edition

StreamSum is proud to shout out one of our very own All-Stars who has had an integral role in our company’s momentum.

2021’s NBA All-Star event was held this past weekend in Atlanta with emphasis on supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) and equity in COVID-19 relief efforts. In addition to the musical features and storytelling performances, the festival also hosted its highly anticipated All-Star game featuring a variety of players across the conference. In the spirit of the event, StreamSum is proud to shout out one of our very own All-Stars who has had an integral role in our company’s momentum.

Tsen Cheng has been a guiding hand behind the visual identity and feel behind the StreamSum brand since the company’s inception.

We sat with Tsen to reflect on elements of her journey leading up to being part of the StreamSum family as well as her thoughts on the future of the tech environment.

* * *

DeAngelo: Tsen, thanks for taking a moment to chat with me - I know your hands are often on simultaneous projects so I definitely appreciate this time!

Tsen: Of course!

D: To start us off - would you mind detailing your responsibilities here at StreamSum?

T: I manage and create the UX/UI design of StreamSum products, services and the company’s identity. I work with a cross-functional team developing new products at StreamSum, which enable brands to connect to streamers more seamlessly. I’m responsible for understanding our marketplace users from the brand to streamers and implementing iterative functional design.

D: Business identity and marketplace understanding are crucial elements of any company, especially early in the lifespan of a start-up. How did you become involved with StreamSum and what led you to become interested in the start-up environment?

T: I’ve worked with innovative tech startups for years helping them grow by designing products that impact users positively through proper design, user flows, and an analytic view. Solutions range from physical location analytics and Edtech to MarTech industries. I got involved with StreamSum after a conversation with Adam Perschke, CEO of StreamSum. He shared a vision with an emphasis on helping brands better measure video campaigns to streamers earning passive income through AdTech solutions and doing what they are passionate about: live streaming. It inspired me to join the team!

D: I can see how your background and interests align with the company’s values - it’s always great to have that connectivity to the projects we’re involved in. What originally led your interest in design and technology?

T: My background started in graphic design where I worked with agencies, clients, and publishers to develop marketing strategies and brand campaigns. I later moved into user interface design as my passion for simple to use software products came about. Technology and software is taking over the world in a positive way, as it tends to simplify and automate our lives, while providing an impactful and measurable optimization path. Design-first solutions come out on top and my goal in life is to assist in creating that vision.

D: It’s fascinating to see the exponential growth of tech just within the past decade and I think it’s a very notable goal to be at the front-end of the design that leads the technology that impacts the lives of so many. How do you define success with design work or, more specifically, within your role here at StreamSum?

T: I define success in my role at StreamSum when my team works cohesively together for a larger vision and when our customers use our products without questions on how they function. Though, I’m always open to feedback so we can evolve products over time!

D: You mentioned evolving products. On the wider topic of evolution - what is your opinion on the tech and media environment for women? Do you feel there’s been improvements in gender representation? And how has your experience been shaped by being a woman in the industry?

T: Over the last decade, through social media platforms, I feel women have gained a voice in various industries and are represented well. My experience has been positive. My recommendation to women at all levels of their career is to be honest with themselves and if they feel their opinions aren’t valued, they’ve become unmotivated with their work, or are treated poorly in the workplace, find a new opportunity that aligns with your values more.

D: That sounds like excellent advice. Thank you for your time, Tsen, we’re fortunate to have you as part of the team and I look forward to seeing the continued momentum of StreamSum’s brand and identity as we continue to evolve.

Interviewed by DeAngelo Garner

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