Black History Spotlight: The Building Blocks of Technology

This Black History Month, StreamSum celebrates black innovators and creatives who played significant roles in the advent of the digital era.

The internet has undoubtedly revolutionized many aspects of daily activity. From work, socialization, and connectivity to shopping, money management, and content creation – the world wide web has become an extension of us.

This Black History Month, StreamSum celebrates black innovators and creatives who played significant roles in the advent of the digital era.

Evolving Computation and Connective Tools

When we think of the modern computer, names like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs come to mind for their foundation of companies like Microsoft and Apple – who revolutionized much of the tech world today. However, like with most innovation, the building blocks of the modern computer were put in place by brilliant minds that came before.

Black History Spotlight: Dr. Philip Emeagwali

Dr. Philip Emeagwali, a Nigerian-born computer scientist, created the world’s fastest computing device of its time in 1989, winning him the Golden Bell Prize, commonly referred to as the “Nobel Prize of Supercomputing.” His work was an integral component of computation tools that currently analyze weather forecasts and make climate change predictions.

In addition to computers, our daily lives would not be the same without the invention of the cell phone. This nifty device has taken many shapes in its evolution towards the touch screen information-rich connectivity tool that many tote today. Dr. Henry T. Sampson, the first Black American to earn a doctorate degree in nuclear engineering, invented the Gamma-Electric Cell in 1971 which became an early predecessor of the technology that is part of all of our devices today.

Black History Spotlight: Dr. Henry T. Sampson

Pioneers in Streaming Technology

Here at StreamSum, part of our mission is to help streamers deepen their relationship with their audiences so they can maximize the things that they love: whether gaming, sports, or sharing their lifestyle.

There are 2 innovators we have to thank for pioneering the technology that has made live streaming and gaming possible in the present day. Gerald Lawson, titled the “Father of Modern Gaming” by many, created the first video game console with interchangeable cartridges in the early 70s.

Black History Spotlight: Gerald Lawson

In 1962, Dr. James West, a prolific writer and professor at Johns Hopkins University, developed the electret transducer technology that’s currently used in most modern microphones. Cellphones, cameras, and digital recorders all rely on his innovation and as professionals in the streaming field, we owe a lot to his technical foresight as well.

Black History Spotlight: Dr. James West

Launching Towards the Future

As internet and computer technology continue to expand, it’s important to pay notice to the diverse minds that have caused an evolution in the way we live our lives. Understanding the history of innovation allows us to better harness the momentum that our tech predecessors put in motion. Here at StreamSum, we look forward to celebrating the new generation of Dr. Emeagwalis, Dr. Sampsons, Mr. Lawsons, and Professor Wests.

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